Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

I believe that the most useful major of the future and even today is and will be Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering, more specifically finding alternative energy sources. We need to do something. Our planet is crumbling around us. If we could just develop an affordable alternative to gasoline, the use of coal, and other resources our planet might have a chance. Today most Americans waste too much and don’t care or think about the depletion of our finite resources that some unfortunately believe are infinite.

The evidence of our crumbling planet is right under our noses. Just think about the polar bears and all the other species on the endangered list or even the ones that have become extinct. If people can’t figure out ways to help our planet today then problems associated with our energy resources will have to be solved and thus dealt with in the future. We also need to make cost effective and green alternatives to enable use by the masses. We have to do something to save our world, we can’t just sit back and allow it to fall apart or “self-destruct” because of us. We know what’s bad for the planet and what hurts the atmosphere but not much is getting done about it. Keeping the environment clean and “healthy” is something that’s very important to me and I’m very passionate about it, because if we don’t do something in the near future, our environmental quality could decline greatly.

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