The human body is a complex systems of microscopic elements were made of complex forms of protein chains and cells. However, what identify us as different from any other person in the world are our genes and that is what genetics is all about. We always hear people saying “It’s all in the genes” when they are being complemented for looking good or having some good talents. The genes and the very fiber of our identity, our DNA, make us unique from all others and make us look the way we do. Today, seasoned geneticists are using these elements in order to tackle on more serious issue, analyzing and treating diseases that are caused by genetic anomalies.

To understand more the concept of Genetics, it is essential to understand some commonly used terminologies. Our bodies are made up of billions of cells. Each cell contains the so called deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). These are wrapped in a bundle to create the so called chromosomes. The normal quantity of chromosomes will be 23 pairs and that means we have 46 all in all. Some cells, like the sperm and egg cells only have half of the chromosomes since when the sperm and egg cells come into contact, the number of chromosomes will again equal to 46

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