Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is a universal engineering discipline compared to electrical, mechanical and civil engineering. When I studied my first degree 10 years ago, I do not know that much about chemical engineering related work and discipline. Most of my friends also were not sure what this field is all about. Interestingly, that time, and probably still this time, students decided to choose chemical engineering because they love chemistry. Well, that is sadly not the case because this type of engineering is not merely about chemistry. In fact, there are more physics and mathematics involve with chemical engineering. I learn this fact not only from my own experience, but also when I asked new first year students who enrolled in my faculty. More than 75% admitted they choose this field mainly because of they loved chemistry!!! What a pity. As a result, we have to adjust their thinking and make them believe that they can excel in this course. They are also some chemistry that they can learn and enjoy.

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